Moving on.

So far, I have a very non-busy schedule, full of hours that I while away contemplating life.I contemplate how the concept of home has become increasingly abstract over the years, how once upon a time I had a feeling that I knew myself but now feel like I could not be further away from that elusive knowledge. My contemplations have not yielded any answers so far! I guess I just have to keep at it.

Chasing the Sun

One of the finest specimens of Solanki architecture, the panels on the temple structure depict different mythological scenes from the Indian epics as well as scenes from the daily lives of the contemporary people. On every equinox, the sun rays shine directly into the sanctum sacrosanct (Garbhagriha) bathing the interiors of the temple in a golden light. It is believed that the golden statue of the resident deity had been looted away in one of the military invasions of Alauddin Khalji. Thus, the once glorious temple had fallen into neglect and dereliction.