This is an image of the remnants of the kirti stambh (Victory Gates) at Modhera Sun Temple, a 990 year old structure in Gujarat. They stand proud through the ravages of time commemorating a victory, long forgotten. The clouds in the sky, I believe, add a dramatic touch to the scene.

Chasing the Sun

One of the finest specimens of Solanki architecture, the panels on the temple structure depict different mythological scenes from the Indian epics as well as scenes from the daily lives of the contemporary people. On every equinox, the sun rays shine directly into the sanctum sacrosanct (Garbhagriha) bathing the interiors of the temple in a golden light. It is believed that the golden statue of the resident deity had been looted away in one of the military invasions of Alauddin Khalji. Thus, the once glorious temple had fallen into neglect and dereliction.