Who am I?

Have you ever experienced a sense of total blankness descend on you when someone asks you to describe yourself? I know I have.

Usually, this is the question that I hate most during job interviews. In fact, when I had to write a SOP for Graduate School I felt like I was being cornered into a therapist’s office to take a good long and hard look at myself. One of my roommates says that it is her life’s goal to find out who she is and what is the purpose of her being down here on earth. We have some idiotic conversations on this topic over lunch at times, never reaching any sort of conclusion before the hour is up and there are way too many unanswered questions out there.

To put it simply, I don’t know who I am but this blog is about some weird thoughts that I cannot keep within myself anymore. And if you care to read this far, well, my name is Shuchismita Biswas, and if I discover myself anytime soon, I will let you know. (Leave your mail id in the comments).

Well, I do like travelling, cooking, chocolates, Harry Potter and Friends. And earning money. And I am never going to be a Professor. And I like clicking photos.

That’s about all I know of myself.

2 comments on “Who am I?

  1. i must say i can relate to this. I actually hate defining myself as a person. Why so? to give you a brief idea of who i am, would you believe that even if i do so because i am going to react according to the situation not because who i am as a person.

    That’s why i remove the “about” menu from my blog.

    It was nice knowing you 🙂 (In a way)
    Stay blessed !!!


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