Out of Love.

I had loved you for a brief while,

in a city that was neither yours nor mine.


I had loved you in bright evenings and

dull days on dusty streets-

when we stood and stared at the jostling crowd

that would never be us.


I had loved you over iced lollies and cups of tea,

stolen kisses and crowded buses

and words that made sense if only

the world stood still.


Thousands of miles away from the city we had called ours,

we walk in the crowd today, in conjugal harmony,

while somewhere some versions of us vow to never drag their love

into the annals of a daily symphony.


On us the joke is lost.

For the moment has passed

and I don’t love you anymore.

2 comments on “Out of Love.

  1. Happy New Year, Shuchismita. I probably did not pay much attention to the beginning of your poem, when I read the ending, I said what? I had to read it again to see the beginning. I realized then, I should have expected it. Nice poem.
    All the best to you in 2017. Ranu. 🙂


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