Moving on.

So, I moved to a different country last month. Found an apartment, ordered takeout, set up a bank account, tried to socialize (was awkward at it, in case you were wondering), ordered a bunch of stuff from amazon and walmart, wandered aimlessly around the aisles of grocery stores, set up my room, did laundry, got hooked to netflix and felt awfully proud of myself!

Contrary to popular belief, the cultural shock was not overwhelming (perhaps because I have spent a sizeable chunk of my adult life on a steady diet of american television series and movies and perhaps because I feel out of place in most situations anyway). I did walk around a lot in the first couple of weeks, and the scorching sun caused a huge breakout of acne on my forehead that I was able to fully comprehend only once the vanity mirror I ordered off amazon arrived in a carton outside my door (and once I fully appreciated the extent of the breakout, I put in all my efforts to coordinate my schedule that minimises the contact time of my skin and the omnipotent sunrays). But most of the people I have met so far have been quite friendly. Once I wrapped my head around the fact that people here dine at least three hours before the time I am used to, making small talk and polite observations got a little easier.

I like walking about once the sun has set. The sky is very clear out here. Gazing at the twinkling stars is a delight, except for the fact that the constellations visible from my part of the world (the ones I can identify and can impress others by talking at length about) are not the ones I see here. But I guess this throng of twinkling masses drive one point home– everything is unknown and anonymous, waiting to be discovered, why should the stars be any different?

So far, I have a very non-busy schedule, full of hours that I while away contemplating life.I contemplate how the concept of home has become increasingly abstract over the years, how once upon a time I had a feeling that I knew myself but now feel like I could not be further away from that elusive knowledge. My contemplations have not yielded any answers so far! I guess I just have to keep at it.


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