Bliss of Solitude.

Photography Challenge: Developing Your Eye

Day Four: Prompt-Bliss

I am not afraid of heights. I love climbing up odd shaped rocks and hills and hillocks wherever I go. It gives me a sort of exhilaration like no other. Far far away from the cowardice and prejudices of everyday life, it  is calm and serene. At the top of a hill where the winds are strong and the rest of the world seems to blend away in an indistinguishable blur of blue, green, brown and white, I feel a wild sense of liberation. The feeling is hard to describe.

Last year I was in the Sajjangarh Fort in Udaipur. Built atop a peak overlooking the majestic Lake Pichola  and the rest of the city, the Sajjangarh Fort had once been used as a Monsoon Palace by the Royal Family. The view from the fort is mesmerising. In that enchanting fort, I spotted this lady sitting by herself and scribbling away in a tiny leather notebook. She seemed like a picture of utter bliss immersed in the natural beauty surrounding her in a land far away from home. I often look at this picture on my phone just to assure myself that some day, some day, I shall embark on that solo trip as well.

Here is another very similar shot I had taken of my sister a couple of months back. This was at Toad Rock, Mount Abu.

Overlooking the Nakki Lake. Mount Abu, India.

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