Lost. Found?

“I realise now that I wanted to disappear. To get so lost that nobody ever found me. To go so far away that I’d never be able to make my way home again. But I have no idea why.”
Jessica Warman, Between

All of us get indeed disappear once in a while, somewhere in the maze of our own thoughts, somewhere in the follies and prejudices of our mundane lives! We call it getting lost. Sometimes it is frightening, sometimes convenient. At the end, however, some find themselves, others need to be discovered. Regardless all are found.

It is funny how easy it is to disappear, to lose oneself. Actually, discovering one’s true identity becomes the difficult task. Walking with the crowd while maintaining your own individuality is definitely no cakewalk. When was clinging on to your beliefs while everyone tells you otherwise easy? And then the line between social norms and social follies gets blurred. Caught in the chaos we are really lost and often choose convenient paths over the right ones. What is right? What is wrong? There will never be absolutes, will there?

It will just always be so much easier to repeat the exact antics the persön in front of you is enacting. Who has the energy to spare pondering over right and wrong? We will always dread facing our true selves, dread discovering it! However we can’t be lost all the time, we might end up finding ourselves, or the world might end up finding our walking corpses. Sometimes, it will be too late.

And one day, in the middle of a deserted square or a crowded coffee shop, we might catch the glimpse of someone with a flaming red scarf who feels way too familiar. Perhaps, that could have been me, a few years back. But today, she has disappeared from my being. Should I remember her?

Perhaps. For Posterity

11 comments on “Lost. Found?

  1. Hey Shuchismita, I read your second story,it’s interesting the way you described losing ones self, I was reading and thinking did I have moments like these where I’m lost, don’t know who I am, if something like this happens how do you discover yourself, or are you happy not find yourself, it’s complicated isn’t it?
    While you managed to write two shaping your story, I wrote one and am not even sure where it should be posted for others taking the course to see and leave a comment. Can you help? Thanks a bunch. 🙂


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